Remove the hassle of
getting to a client or a flight


Free onboard WiFi

Passengers can check details of flights, catch up with loved ones using video messaging, browse the internet and respond to emails. We were the first private hire taxi service in Europe to offer free onboard WiFi connection.

The stable internet connection gives you the option to stay connected while on the move, ensuring your travel time is productive.

Online account management

GreenAir Cars account customers can keep on top of bookings with our innovative account management facility. Users are currently able to login to check upcoming and recent bookings and download CO2 reports.

However, we will soon be expanding the service to allow users to check flight status, seek currency converters and weather reports at your destination.

Intelligent route planning

We ensure GreenAir Cars use the shortest, most convenient routes to lower the amount of carbon we emit and reduce the amount of dead mileage.

That includes helping with journey planning to establish the easiest route when picking up people along the way and avoid traffic congestion through our applications.