Remove the hassle of
getting to a client or a flight


Beyondcarbon neutral

By partnering with us, we offset 200% of vehicle emissions meaning significant carbon reduction for your company.

GreenAir Cars calculate the amount of carbon emitted per journey, by converting the mileage into grams of carbon emitted. This allows us to accurately track the environmental impact per trip.

We use standard calculation rates to establish an emission figure and then donate the purchase cost of offset credits to our local partner, the Wildlife Trust BCN Great Fen Project. We at GreenAir Cars chose the Wildlife Trust Great Fen project as we were keen to work with a local, credible environmental organisation that we could trust.

We use standard calculation rates to establish an emission figure and then donate double the purchase cost of offset credits to the Wildlife Trust every six months.

Low emission vehicles

We use low emission vehicles in our fleet to minimise environmental impact. Our fleet consists of Mercedes or Toyota Prius Hybrids. We constantly look for innovations which are appropriate for the private hire industry and offset 200% of all vehicle emissions.

Carbon statements

GreenAir Cars provides all account customers with a monthly carbon statement, to help firms deal with this mandatory requirement without adding to the burden of red tape.

In September 2013, the government made it compulsory for all publically listed companies to report their greenhouse emissions as part of their Company Annual Report. This will help your business understand their carbon emissions and identify opportunities to reduce costs. It will also enhance a firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reputation.

Paperless invoicing

All invoices are sent to you as PDFs, removing the need for printing paper. It also means our offices are kept very tidy!