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Environmental Statement

GreenAir Cars (Cab4one Limited) provide environmentally-sound, pre-booked private hire transport and account management services to corporate clients, businesses and individuals.

We recognise that our business has a direct impact on the environment through the consumption of energy and other resources used in our daily business activities. There is also an indirect impact through the activities of our drivers and service partners.

Our company was born out of the realisation that the majority of taxi and private hire vehicle journeys carried only one passenger in vehicles that were over-sized for the task and highly polluting per passenger mile when operating with empty seats.

The majority of GreenAir Cars vehicles are either hybrid low emitting diesel saloons. We believe the future is electric or hydrogen however there is a poor recharging infrastructure available. Current electric vehicle are not suitable for our business due to low mileage range between charges.

Our objective is to minimise our impact wherever possible using tailored transport and environmentally-sound saloon vehicles. We now remove double the emissions we create from operations and donate this directly to our local conservation charity, The Wildlife Trust. We aim to lead the industry on environmental management by raising awareness with employees and other stakeholders, proactive communication with customers and collaboration with drivers and service partners to help them improve their environmental performance.

The GreenAir Cars policy is to:

  • Continuously strive to minimise the company's impact on the environment by providing tailored transport which lowers overall carbon emissions on a per person basis
  • Offset double the amount of our carbon emissions through our The Wildlife Trust’s, Great Fen Project
  • Ensure we are compliant with all UK environmental legislation and strive for ISO14001 standard
  • Minimise waste by reducing consumption of paper and other resources, developing effective waste management and recycling procedures in conjunction with partners
  • Ensure we evaluate new and emerging products that will further minimise our environmental impact, expanding our fleet of cars in line with business development
  • Introduce measures to reduce energy consumption and the company carbon footprint
  • Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among the company's staff, drivers, service partners and customers through training and communication of environmental matters through carbon reporting
  • Support the promotion of environmental initiatives by our employees and relevant external organisations
  • Seek to ensure that products and services used by the company do not use materials unnecessarily harmful to the environment, such as wood from unsustainable forests, or chemicals containing ozone depleting gases

To ensure successful delivery of the environmental policy, GreenAir Cars and its subsidiaries will work towards implementing an environmental management system certified to the international environmental management standard such as ISO 14001:2004. Our staff, customers and partners are encouraged to participate and to take personal responsibility for operating in an environmentally friendly manner.

Current Environmental System

Our current system to manage emissions:

  • Our dispatchers calculate routes and then double the mileage to take into account returning back to operational base;
  • This is then recorded every week into a master spreadsheet to show total mileage, total emissions based by car and then amount we offset;
  • Clients are sent their report every month highlighting number of journeys, spend, emissions and total emissions offset (200%)
  • Every six months we take the total offset figure for example 8 tonnes and then we use a carbon calculator via Carbon Footprint (
  • We take the cost of offsetting to international projects and donate that same amount to the Great Fen Project (

Environment partners and background:

Environmental policy attached and it states we work towards a management system of 14001 based on guidance notes.

All other business process such as booking jobs, liaising with drivers is done via the internet and telephone.  All billing is sent over email and any remittance / post we receive from clients/suppliers we recycle.


You can also download this Environmental Statement as a PDF.